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How to get from airport

KosherPrague airport transfer service:

We offer our car transportation service from Prague airport to any place in Prague. Our driver will wait for you at the airport arrival hall with sign with your name. The plus of this service is no waiting and your private car. It can take aprox. 20 minutes to city center - it depends on traffic jams.

Price is 30,00Eur/car/one way (up to 4 persons)

In case you would like to order transfer, let us know:

There is public transport at the Prague airport, you can go by bus to "DEJVICKA" metro station (the end station) and then practically to any place in Prague. If you would like to go to the Jewish Prague area, take the metro from "DEJVICKA" station and go 3 stops to "STAROMESTSKA" station, this is the Jewish town of Prague. You will need 26,00 Crowns ticket for this journey. The plus of this is the price, the minus is the long time and minimum comfort. It takes about 40 minutes to arrive to the city center.

There are airport taxis at the Prague airport, after exiting the arrival hall you will see white cars, the airport cabs. They are quite expensive, but fast. The price is fixed per zones and to Jewish Prague should be about 27,00Eur/car/one way. The plus of this service is comfort and you will be fast in the city center. The time to arrive to center can be about 20 minutes.

There are airport minibuses at the Prague airport, after exiting the arrival hall you will see white Minivans. They are reasonably price, but you will have to wait till they are fully loaded. The price is fixed per zones and to Jewish quarter should be about 18,00Eur up to 4 persons/one way. The plus is lower price, the minus is the waiting for full minibus and that the minibus goes to more places in Prague as there are also other people in the bus with you. So it can be sometimes time consuming.

Public transport in Prague

You can use

  • Metro (Subway)
  • Public buses
  • Trams

All of these are belonging to the central public transport and you have to use valid tickets to use the public transport in Prague.

Prague metro

There are two basic kinds of tickets:

  • tickets for 18 crowns are valid for 20 minutes or 5 stops of the metro (not including the departure station) and you can not change from one public transport to another.
  • tickets for 26 crowns are valid for 75 minutes and you can change freely the public transport within your 75 minutes limit.

Prague tram

After you enter the bus or tram, you have to invalidate your ticket by the Yellow ticket printer inside the bus or tram. At the metro, it is when you enter the entrance. The ticket is invalid without doing this. If you see people not doing this it is either because they have permanent tickets or are riding “black”. Going without tickets or not validating them is quite dangerous, because you can pay a large fine.

You can also buy long-time tickets for

  • 1 day (24 hours) for 100 Kc
  • 3 days (72 hours) for 330 Kc
  • 5 days (168 hours) for 500,- Kc

WEB site of Prague public transport - "MHD"

Taxi service in Prague

Prague taxi drivers are known to cheat their passengers; so here are some tips to avoid this:

* First, use taxi companies, which you or the hotel will order by phone, such as CITY TAXI and AAA TAXI. These two companies are the most professional, speak English and they will not overcharge.
The numbers are:
CITY TAXI: 257 257 257
AAA TAXI: 222 333 222
* If you have to use taxi from the street, make sure to fix the price with the driver before you enter the car. Typical prices are up to 25 Crowns/km. Unless you are going to the airport or outside of Prague, the price should not be above 300 Crowns (12 USD). Mostly it will be below 150 Crowns.
* Hotel cars are OK to use, but will likely be about 25-50% more expensive than regular taxi service.

Transportation and parking in the Jewish city of Prague

You will see, that many of the historical, centrally located places are closed for transportation. If you arrive by car, you will experience problems with parking, as most of the parking places are for Prague 1 residents with valid permit only. You have several options where to park in Jewish Prague:

- Hotel Intercontinental or "Palach" square underground parking

There are also parking zones, where you can buy parking permit for certain time, but be aware to park at valid places only (the best is to ask the locals!). These areas are signed and you can park with the ticket which you have bought in near by coin automat machine. There is free of charge parking from 6:00PM till 8:00AM at these places.

Generally it is not worth to use car in Prague, the public transport works very well and is not expensive. You can avoid many troubles if you do not arrive by car to Prague...

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